We are remaining 100% operational during the Covid-19 pandemic. We will do everything in our power to expedite emergency repairs to keep your facilities operating and your projects on track during this difficult time, while taking all possible precautions to keep you, your employees, and ourselves, safe.

Online Leak Sealing
Industrial & Commercial On-Line Leak Sealing: Our on-line leak sealing process is performed while your systems remain running and under pressure, without disruptions, preventing loss of product and unscheduled shutdowns. Successful emergency leak repair treats process, steam, water, chemical, and air systems ranging from Cryogenic to 2000°F, and pressures from vacuum to 6000 psig.

The technologies we utilize eliminate leaks virtually anywhere in your piping system, including flanges, valves, elbows, tees, and straight runs of pipe. Cracks, pinholes, blown gaskets, and packing are no match for our proven repair methods. In fact, we are able to seal leaks on virtually every system, regardless of system materials or process contents, even chemical, petrochemical, and explosive gases.

Transformer Leak Sealing
We employ transformer leak repair methods that not only help stop leaks, but will also avoid costly environmental issues. J.S. Barry Industries' service area for transformer sealing includes all of the United Sates.

Our sealants are dielectrically tested, which means they won’t disrupt the flow of electricity, since they are non-conductive, and they will withstand high temperatures. These sealants are ideal because they also prevent future corrosion by protecting against water and moisture.

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